I am relaxing at home. It’s Saturday. I may go out to get some exercise soon.

I see a lot of people walking their dogs! Makes me miss mine. I love you, Keisha. Rest in peace. :)


Rain, rain go away

Okay, we need rain sometimes, but someone must have ordered too much, because we’ve been getting torrential downpours for the past two weeks. That makes it hard to go anywhere. Anytime I want to ride my bike or go for a walk, I hear thunder. I think the cooler weather will be a nice change.

Can’t log in from phone

That was funny. This morning, I tried to log in on my phone, to put a comment on a friend’s website. I know I got the password and user name correct. WordPress still wouldn’t me in. Well, at least it did this time. I’ll have to remember to comment on my friend’s blog only from home.

Didn’t get a chance to go to the gym all week. Rats! :( I did do some short walks close to my home. Will have to make up for that later today. I have to go to church, and then to the doctor. Should get out later in the afternoon.


April 14, 2013

Okay, tomorrow is Tax Day in the U.S. I hope everyone got all their stuff squared away. :)

I’m happy to be working at a new job. It’s only a two-week temp assignment, but it’s something. I want to stay active so I don’t get depressed.

My dog was constantly walking around today. She was like a little hiker in the park. She walks laps around the table sometimes. It’s really cute to see. :)

Did a long walk yesterday on the treadmill at the gym. Plan to do some lifting and stretching with the little barbells, at home tonight. Tomorrow morning, it’s back to the routine.

See you later! Thanks. :)